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  • S3 EP1 - Kurt Schmidt, Founder of The Peer Network

S3 EP1 - Kurt Schmidt, Founder of The Peer Network

Sunday 7th July 2024

Kurt Schmidt discusses The Peer Network, a platform connecting people in recovery with peer support specialists, highlighting the power of shared experiences.
45 minutes

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The Power of Peer Support: A Conversation with Kurt Schmidt

Episode Overview

  • The Peer Network connects people in recovery with peer support specialists online.
  • Shared experiences foster trust and openness in recovery.
  • Financial struggles are common among peer support workers.
  • Peer support complements but does not replace clinical care.
  • Technology can expand access to peer support services.
I often heard like, 'I'd rather work with a peer than my counsellor,' which again, it doesn't replace that and it's not intended to.
This episode of Recovery Greenhouse with Gerald Lott features an engaging conversation with Kurt Schmidt, the founder of The Peer Network. Kurt, a licensed master social worker and certified peer support specialist, shares his journey from the business world to establishing a nationwide peer support network. The Peer Network connects individuals with peer support specialists via an online platform, offering accessible and personalised support to those in recovery, regardless of their location.
Kurt discusses the challenges and rewards of working in peer support, highlighting the importance of shared experiences in fostering trust and openness among clients. He also addresses the financial struggles faced by many peer support workers and the need for better career opportunities within the field. Gerald and Kurt explore the transformative power of peer support, emphasising how it complements clinical care without replacing it.
They also touch on the value of peer support for family members of those struggling with substance use or mental health issues. The episode is a heartfelt exploration of the impact of peer support and the potential for technology to expand its reach. Whether you're in recovery, supporting someone who is, or simply interested in the power of community, this episode offers valuable insights and inspiration.