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  • Scott S. Step One 2nd March Through the Steps 3/4/2022

Scott S. Step One 2nd March Through the Steps 3/4/2022

Tuesday 9th July 2024

Scott S. shares his powerful journey through Step One at the 2nd March Through the Steps Workshop, offering hope and practical advice for alcohol recovery.
65 minutes

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Scott S. on Embracing Step One: A Journey of Hope and Recovery

Episode Overview

  • Acknowledge powerlessness over alcohol to start recovery.
  • Rely on a higher power for strength and guidance.
  • Community support in AA is crucial for maintaining sobriety.
  • Sharing personal stories can be transformative and healing.
  • Gratitude plays a significant role in the recovery process.
To my innermost self I needed to concede to the fact and defeat is the most powerful position I can take in step one
Scott S. takes the stage in this episode of Mad Dog Recovery AA Speakers, sharing his journey through Step One at the 2nd March Through the Steps Workshop. With a warm greeting and a quick serenity prayer, Scott sets a reflective and supportive tone for the session. He dives into his personal experiences with alcoholism, recounting how it has impacted his relationships and daily life. Scott's candid storytelling brings to light the challenges and triumphs of facing addiction head-on.
Throughout the talk, Scott emphasises the importance of acknowledging one's powerlessness over alcohol and the necessity of relying on a higher power for recovery. He recounts moments of despair and the pivotal role that AA has played in his life, offering both hope and practical advice to those in similar situations. Scott's anecdotes about his struggles with restlessness, irritability, and discontentment are relatable and heartfelt, providing a sense of camaraderie for anyone grappling with addiction.
Scott also highlights the significance of community support and the transformative power of sharing one's story. His reflections on how AA meetings and sponsorship have helped him maintain sobriety are both inspiring and encouraging. He underscores that recovery is not a solitary journey but one that thrives on connection and mutual support. By the end of the episode, you'll feel motivated to embrace your own path to recovery or support someone else on theirs.
Scott's raw honesty and genuine gratitude make this episode a must-listen for anyone touched by alcoholism. Ready to take the first step towards a better life? Tune in to hear Scott's powerful message.