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  • Scott Wilson puts on a superhero cape

Scott Wilson puts on a superhero cape

Tuesday 9th July 2024

Scott Wilson creates Aboriginal superheroes to reflect his heritage and experiences. Discover his journey from Broome to building the Indigiverse.
21 minutes

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Scott Wilson's Heroic Journey: From Broome to the Indigiverse

Episode Overview

  • Scott Wilson grew up in Broome, WA, inspired by his father's stories but found his true calling in comics.
  • He created the 'Indigiverse' to provide representation for Aboriginal culture in superhero narratives.
  • Scott faced racial prejudice and personal loss but used these experiences to fuel his creative work.
  • The 'Indigiverse' features heroes like Adam Hart, inspired by Scott's late cousin.
  • Scott's journey highlights the importance of cultural preservation and representation.
I got to step out of that mindset that I am alone when it's just my eyes deceiving me.
Scott Wilson's journey from the dusty streets of Broome to creating an entire universe of Aboriginal superheroes is nothing short of extraordinary. Growing up in Western Australia, Scott was captivated by the tales of his father's rugged adventures, but he never quite fit into that world. Instead, he found solace and inspiration in the pages of comic books, although he was disheartened by the lack of representation of his own culture.
This episode of 'Days Like These' takes you through Scott's quest to create superheroes that reflect his heritage and experiences. Scott's story is filled with both heartwarming and heart-wrenching moments. As a child, he struggled to live up to his father's expectations of being tough and adventurous. A terrifying experience on horseback only solidified his preference for the world of comics over the rugged outdoors.
Scott's creative spirit flourished as he began to draw his own superheroes, eventually leading him to Perth's prestigious Hale School on a scholarship. Despite excelling academically and athletically, he faced racial prejudice and personal loss, which fuelled his determination to create something meaningful. Scott's passion for comics led him to create the 'Indigiverse', a universe populated by Aboriginal superheroes like Adam Hart, named after his late cousin.
Through this creative endeavour, Scott aims to fill the void he felt growing up, offering young Indigenous Australians heroes they can see themselves in. His journey hasn't been without its challenges, including scepticism from within the comic industry, but Scott remains undeterred. This episode is a testament to resilience and creativity, showing how one man's dream can inspire a whole generation.
Scott's story is not just about creating comics; it's about preserving culture, fostering representation, and proving that anyone can be a hero in their own right. Don't miss this inspiring tale of overcoming adversity and making a lasting impact. Why not give it a listen and see how Scott's journey might resonate with your own experiences or aspirations?