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  • SHAIR 204: My Fair Junkie Author Spotlight with Amy Dresner

SHAIR 204: My Fair Junkie Author Spotlight with Amy Dresner

Tuesday 8th January 2019

Join The Recovery Revolution Podcast and listen to Amy Dresner, Author of My Fair Junkie, as she takes on a live Q&A session about her life and memoir.
97 minutes

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My Fair Junkie: A Live Q&A with Author Amy Dresner on The Recovery Revolution Podcast

I think changing is the hardest thing you can do, and I have done that not many people really change and it was really difficult.
The Recovery Revolution Podcast (formerly The SHAIR Podcast) is known for featuring the most influential minds in addiction, recovery, sobriety, mindset, and entrepreneurship, and their new Author Spotlight feature is no exception. In this episode, host Omar Pinto sits down with Amy Dresner, author of the critically acclaimed memoir My Fair Junkie, for a live Q&A session.
Throughout the episode, Dresner candidly shares her experience of writing about her addiction and the challenges of publishing and promoting her memoir. She reflects on the impact of addiction on her life and the relapses she faced along the way. Dresner also talks about the importance of humor and joy in recovery, connecting with others in recovery, overcoming shame and self-doubt, and taking action to change one's life.
Dresner's honesty and authenticity shine through in the episode, and listeners will be inspired by her journey of self-discovery and transformation. Her message of hope and resilience is a reminder that anyone can change their life and find joy in recovery.
If you're looking for a podcast that will revolutionize the way you think about addiction and recovery, The Recovery Revolution Podcast is the perfect choice. Listen to Amy Dresner's live Q&A session and discover the power of vulnerability and connection in recovery. Listen to the episode now here on