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Leslie Shapiro

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Sober Holidays

Monday 30th November 2020

Leslie Shapiro and Vanessa Merlini offer tips for surviving sober holidays, focusing on gratitude, realistic expectations, and self-care.
39 minutes

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Making Peace with Sober Holidays: A Sober Mom's Guide

And for me it's not about drinking, but it's about accepting the fact that that I also, too, have a choice to to know that This Year is going to look different, and I have to look through the grateful lens versus the scarcity lens right and know that I'm grateful to have my immediate family and Next Year will be different.
Holidays can be a tricky time for anyone, but for those in recovery, they often come with an extra layer of stress. In this episode of 'Secrets of a Sober Mom,' Leslie Shapiro and Vanessa Merlini dive into the emotional rollercoaster that the festive season can bring for alcoholics and their families. They chat about how past holiday memories, which might feel more like nightmares, can trigger fear and anxiety.
Instead of trying to drink like everyone else, they suggest setting realistic expectations and accepting that family conflicts might still pop up. The key is to manage yourself rather than trying to control everyone around you. Leslie and Vanessa share their personal stories and strategies for surviving the holidays without alcohol. They emphasize the importance of gratitude and how it can help shift your perspective from feeling deprived to feeling thankful for the small joys.
Leslie says, 'This year is going to look different, and I have to look through the grateful lens versus the scarcity lens.' This mindset can transform your holiday experience, making it more meaningful and less about what you're missing out on. The episode also touches on the power of connecting with a sober friend when things get tough. Sometimes, just knowing someone else understands what you're going through can make all the difference.
Whether you're new to sobriety or have been on this path for a while, Leslie and Vanessa offer valuable insights that can help you navigate the holiday season with a bit more peace and a lot more self-compassion.