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  • Story MattX 20200103

Story MattX 20200103

Saturday 4th January 2020

Listen to an inspiring story of addiction and recovery on The Pink House Chronicles. Follow Matt's journey from stealing liquor to finding sobriety. Only on
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From Stealing Liquor to Finding Sobriety - A Story of Addiction and Recovery on The Pink House Chronicles

Every single time I had someone come to me and say: Matt, we care, we love you, we want to help you, let us help you all my all.
The Pink House Chronicles' latest episode, Story MattX 20200103, is a powerful account of addiction and recovery. Matt's journey is one that is unfortunately all too familiar to many people who struggle with alcohol. Matt's story starts with stealing liquor from family gatherings and progresses to drinking every night of the week. His addiction caused him to miss work and become unable to pay taxes. Matt's family threw him a party when he got a job, but he couldn't stop drinking. His addiction spiraled out of control, and he eventually ended up in a state-run detox center.
It was at the detox center that Matt found AA. He found comfort in the meetings and the people who attended them. He realized that he was an alcoholic, and he needed help. Matt's journey to sobriety wasn't easy, but it was worth it. He got a sponsor who helped him work through the 12 steps. Matt's sponsor helped him realize that he was powerless over alcohol and that his life had become unmanageable. He learned to take care of himself from the inside out.
Matt's story is a powerful one, and it is one that many people can relate to. It shows that there is hope for those struggling with addiction. Recovery is possible, and AA can be a powerful tool in that journey. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, listen to Matt's story on The Pink House Chronicles. It may just be the inspiration you need to start your own journey to sobriety. Listen to the episode now here on