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Bare Knuckle Recovery

Nate and Tommy

  • Substance Abuse & the Family Members They Leave Behind

Substance Abuse & the Family Members They Leave Behind

Wednesday 29th May 2024

Hear Alice Jordan and Teresa Juillerat's heartfelt stories of loss and resilience in 'Bare Knuckle Recovery'. Join Nate and Tommy for a deep dive into the impact of addiction on families.
49 minutes

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Echoes of Addiction: Families Speak Out on Loss and Healing

Episode Overview

  • Exploring the impact of substance abuse on families left behind
  • Personal stories of loss, resilience, and challenges from special guests
  • Highlighting the struggles faced by families dealing with addiction
  • Discussion on the importance of community support and mental health
  • Advocating for policy and system changes in addiction treatment
We're going to talk about the families of people kind of left behind, whether they've lost their loved one to substance use or whether the person's still out struggling with substance use. Unless we come out and we talk about it and we paint a very real picture through our own life experiences of what that looks like, right?
What happens to the families left behind when addiction takes a loved one? In this powerful episode of 'Bare Knuckle Recovery', hosts Nate and Tommy sit down with Alice Jordan and Teresa Juillerat, two mothers who have faced the unimaginable pain of losing a child to substance abuse. Their stories are raw and heart-wrenching, but also filled with resilience and hope.
Alice and Teresa share their journeys through grief, the challenges of navigating life without their children, and the ways they honor their memory. They also discuss the unique struggles that families face in the aftermath of addiction, from finding support to dealing with societal stigma. Nate and Tommy guide the conversation with empathy and understanding, making this episode a must-listen for anyone touched by addiction or wanting to understand its far-reaching impact.
You'll hear about the crucial role of community support, the need for better addiction treatment policies, and how love can persist even in the darkest times. This episode is a tribute to the strength of families and a call to action for greater awareness and compassion.