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  • Supporting Mothers in Recovery

Supporting Mothers in Recovery

Thursday 7th March 2024

Join Brooke Burkett on 'Hope Discovered' as she discusses the unique challenges and vital support systems for mothers in addiction recovery.
13 minutes

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Supporting Mothers in Recovery: Insights from Brooke Burkett

Episode Overview

  • CommQuest's Mom and Me Recovery Program provides vital support for mothers in recovery, offering resources and assistance to navigate their journey.
  • Partnerships with hospitals and community organisations play a key role in ensuring comprehensive care for mothers in recovery.
  • Creating a non-judgmental environment is crucial in supporting mothers to feel accepted and empowered in their recovery process.
  • Initiatives like the Baby Community Closet provide additional support for parents with young children, offering essential items like baby clothes, formula, and diapers.
  • Through ongoing involvement in treatment and community programmes, mothers in recovery receive the necessary support to focus on their well-being and parenting journey.
We work very closely with outside sources to make sure that those outside referral sources know that their moms have a hope of being in recovery, being good parents and continuing to grow in their recovery so that they have support services.
Imagine balancing recovery from addiction while raising children. This episode of 'Hope Discovered' dives into the unique challenges faced by mothers in recovery. Brooke Burkett, Clinical Supervising Counselor and the Mom and Me Recovery Program Coordinator at CommQuest, joins the conversation to share her expertise and compassion. Brooke starts by addressing the stigma that often surrounds mothers battling addiction, emphasizing the importance of a welcoming and non-judgmental environment.
She explains how the Mom and Me Program is tailored to meet the specific needs of these mothers, offering a lifeline of support and understanding. Brooke also highlights how CommQuest extends its support beyond the program, working with community partners and other initiatives like the Women’s Residential Recovery Program. These efforts ensure that even mothers who don’t fit the criteria for the Mom and Me Program receive the care they need.
This episode is a brief yet powerful exploration of the critical support systems in place for mothers in recovery. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the resources available and the importance of community support in fostering hope and resilience.