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  • Taking Money Out of Justice: The Bail Project and the Fight to End Cash Bail

Taking Money Out of Justice: The Bail Project and the Fight to End Cash Bail

Friday 28th June 2024

Discover The Bail Project's fight to end cash bail with David Gaspar and Jeremy Cherson. Learn about their impact and how you can help create change.
83 minutes

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Ending Cash Bail: Insights from The Bail Project

Episode Overview

  • The Bail Project has assisted over 30,000 people.
  • Saved taxpayers $92 million.
  • Maintained a 92% court appearance rate.
  • Highlights the need for systemic change in the cash bail system.
  • Emphasises the importance of empathy and community support.
We really want to remove cash from being a determinant of guilt or innocence
In this episode of the Prison Yoga Project Podcast, you'll dive into the critical work of The Bail Project and its mission to end the cash bail system. Hosts Blair and guests David Gaspar, CEO of The Bail Project, and Jeremy Cherson, Director of Communications, discuss the profound impact of cash bail on individuals and communities. David shares his own journey from incarceration to leading a major justice reform initiative, providing a powerful perspective on the system's flaws.
Jeremy offers insights into the advocacy efforts and policy changes needed to create a fairer system. Together, they highlight the staggering statistics: over 30,000 people assisted, $92 million saved for taxpayers, and a 92% court appearance rate. The conversation is interspersed with moments of mindfulness, reflecting the podcast's unique blend of social justice and yoga.
Whether you're interested in criminal justice reform or looking for ways to support those affected by the cash bail system, this episode offers a mix of personal stories and actionable insights. Don't miss out on this eye-opening discussion that calls for empathy and systemic change. Why not give it a listen and see how you can contribute to a more just society?