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  • The Alan Charles Show - 10/21/21

The Alan Charles Show - 10/21/21

Friday 22nd October 2021

Alan Charles discusses social media's impact on mental health, sharing personal stories and practical tips for managing addiction.
58 minutes

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Social Media's Shadow: Mental Health and Recovery with Alan Charles

We're being driven by overwhelming urges to use it and spend way too much time on the platforms, and that it impairs important aspects of all of our lives.
Ever wondered how social media might be affecting your mental health? In this episode of The Alan Charles Show, Alan Charles dives into the complexities of social media's impact on our well-being. Starting with a brief update on the opioid crisis in New York and Governor Kathy Hockel's initiatives, Alan then shifts gears to explore how platforms like Facebook influence social behavior.
He shares his own struggles with social media addiction, offering practical tips for setting boundaries and staying present in real life. Alan also doesn't shy away from discussing the darker sides of social media, such as the pressure to maintain a perfect online persona and its potential to exacerbate mental health issues. This episode isn't just about identifying problems; it's about finding solutions and fostering hope.
Drawing from his own journey of overcoming a 24-year cocaine addiction, Alan provides a compassionate and insightful look into managing addiction and mental health in the digital age. Whether you're dealing with addiction yourself, supporting a loved one, or simply curious about the effects of social media, this episode offers valuable perspectives and actionable advice. Tune in for an honest conversation that aims to inspire and empower.