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  • The Benefits Of Healing In Comedy: With Zach Adler

The Benefits Of Healing In Comedy: With Zach Adler

Sunday 21st January 2024

Zach Adler chats with Sony Perlman about how comedy helps address serious issues and navigate cultural identity.
99 minutes

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Laughing Through Life: Zach Adler on Comedy and Cultural Identity

Episode Overview

  • The episode delves into the significance of humor in addressing serious issues
  • Zach shares personal experiences and reflections, offering a unique and candid perspective
  • The conversation explores the impact of cultural and religious upbringing on personal identity
  • Sony and Zach create a warm and engaging atmosphere, making it a compelling and enlightening listen
I just want to say on camera that I just didn't know you had people working for you, like, on this thing with you. Okay, wait, so let me just say the best thing... I don't mind if people like cats. I don't. I don't mind if people like cats. And the chief kept asking him to, like for his dog because his dog is sick and and the chief kept asking him to like repeat... You don't understand, he finally realized he's like you give surgeries to dogs and he just couldn't stop laughing, this is like african chiefs like what just let the dog die like what are you talking about... I think in the old days pets that's we're not i'm saying that's ridiculous how you say a pet is... And you're allowed to pet your own dog.
What happens when you mix humor with the complexities of cultural identity? In this episode of 'BrainStorm with Sony Perlman', Sony sits down with Zach Adler, a notable voice in the orthodox and formerly orthodox Jewish community. Zach, known for his unique blend of wit and insight, opens up about how comedy has helped him navigate serious issues and personal challenges. Standing at 6'4