THE COMEBACK : Stories That Inspire

THE COMEBACK : Stories That Inspire

THE COMEBACK : Stories That Inspire

  • The Comeback - James Wylly

The Comeback - James Wylly

Monday 8th July 2024

James Wylly shares his powerful story of overcoming alcoholism with the support of his wife and faith in this inspiring episode.
25 minutes

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THE COMEBACK : Stories That Inspire
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James Wylly's Journey from Alcoholism to Redemption

Episode Overview

  • James Wylly shares his journey from alcoholism to sobriety.
  • Faith and supportive relationships played key roles in his recovery.
  • A pivotal moment at Recovery Church marked a turning point for James.
  • Setting firm boundaries was crucial for his wife during his addiction.
  • James's story highlights the importance of community support in recovery.
My wife saved my life. She is my hero.
In this heartfelt episode of 'The Comeback: Stories That Inspire', host Trey Lewis sits down with James Wylly, who shares his remarkable journey from the depths of alcoholism to a life of sobriety. James opens up about his early experiences with alcohol, painting a vivid picture of how it gradually took over his life. From the excitement of teenage drinking to the relentless grip of addiction, James's story is one many can relate to.
But it’s not just a tale of struggle; it’s one of resilience and transformation. With the unwavering support of his wife and the power of faith, James found his way to recovery. His wife’s firm boundaries and his commitment to treatment played crucial roles in his journey. James also highlights a pivotal moment at Good Landing Recovery's Recovery Church, where he invited the Holy Spirit into his life, marking a turning point in his battle against addiction.
This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking hope and understanding in their own or a loved one's recovery journey. James’s candid reflections and Trey’s empathetic interviewing style make for an engaging and motivational dialogue. Don’t miss out on this inspiring story of redemption and the power of support.