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  • The Doctor's Opinion with Mrs. Jones

The Doctor's Opinion with Mrs. Jones

Tuesday 9th July 2024

Mrs. Jones shares her journey from addiction to sobriety, exploring 'The Doctor's Opinion' and the phenomenon of craving in this heartfelt episode.
61 minutes

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From Rock Bottom to Redemption: Mrs. Jones' Journey

Episode Overview

  • Mrs. Jones shares her pivotal moment leading to sobriety.
  • 'The Doctor's Opinion' explains why people continue to drink despite knowing the harm.
  • Understanding the phenomenon of craving in addiction.
  • The importance of spiritual help in overcoming addiction.
  • Humorous and insightful segments like 'Seven days without a meeting makes one weak'.
How does anyone have their last drink?
Ever wondered what goes through the mind of someone on the brink of recovery? In this episode of 'Alcoholics Alive!', Mrs. Jones opens up about her journey from addiction to sobriety, sharing a raw and honest account of her struggles and triumphs. Hosts Shank and Wayne guide the conversation, providing humour and insight along the way. Mrs.
Jones recounts a pivotal moment when her husband caught her drinking before checking into detox, a moment that scared her into seeking spiritual help. This episode also includes a deep dive into 'The Doctor's Opinion' from the book Alcoholics Anonymous, shedding light on why people drink despite knowing the harm it causes. The hosts discuss the phenomenon of craving and how it leads to repeated cycles of remorse and resolution.
Meeting Shrapnel brings a lighter touch with segments like 'Seven days without a meeting makes one weak' and 'Service is God's rock tumbler'. Whether you're in recovery, supporting someone who is, or just curious about the journey, this episode offers valuable insights and plenty of laughs. Tune in to hear real stories, practical advice, and a community that understands what you're going through. Ready to be inspired? Give this episode a listen!