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  • The Family Recovery Experience Part 2

The Family Recovery Experience Part 2

Thursday 7th October 2021

Discover how Structured Family Recovery® helps prevent relapse and rebuilds family bonds in this inspiring episode with Kathy Row.
55 minutes

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Family Bonds Rebuilt: Kathy Row on Structured Family Recovery®

It's like nothing I've done before in my career.
Imagine finding a way to not only help a loved one stay sober but also bring your family closer together. In this heartfelt episode of 'The Best Minds Podcast', hosts Jeff and Debra Jay sit down with Kathy Row, a seasoned Structured Family Recovery® (SFR) counselor, to explore how this unique approach is transforming lives. Kathy shares powerful stories of families who were once torn apart by addiction but have found their way back to happiness and unity through SFR.
Structured Family Recovery® isn't your typical therapy session. Instead, it offers a platform for families to discuss the often-avoided topics that can lead to healing. Kathy recounts how SFR has helped families with strong foundations become even stronger, emphasizing the importance of 'three-second celebrations'—small, everyday moments that can make a big difference in the recovery journey. The conversation also delves into the challenges faced by high-functioning alcoholics and how SFR can help them create new, healthier norms.
Kathy's insights provide a fresh perspective on preventing relapse and fostering an environment where recovery can thrive. She discusses how SFR encourages open communication, helping families navigate the complexities of addiction together. Whether you're supporting a loved one or seeking your own path to recovery, this episode offers a wealth of practical advice and emotional support.
Tune in to hear real-life stories of healing and hope, and discover how Structured Family Recovery® could be the key to rebuilding your family's bonds.