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  • The Holidays

The Holidays

Monday 23rd December 2019

Stay sober this holiday season with Becca's heartfelt advice and practical tips on 'Recovery, Your Nightly Fix'. Listen now for support and encouragement.
12 minutes

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Holiday Survival Guide: Staying Sober with Becca's Wisdom

Let's try to have a generous heart, a loving mouth. Just love on people at The End Of The Day. I really really hope that you make it through these holidays.
The holiday season can be a minefield for anyone in recovery, but Becca from 'Recovery, Your Nightly Fix' is here to help you navigate it. In this heartfelt episode, Becca draws from her own journey to sobriety to offer practical advice and emotional support. She dives into the significance of sober support systems and shares coping strategies that have helped her stay clean.
The episode is a blend of real talk and heartfelt encouragement, making it a must-listen for anyone worried about staying sober during the festive season. Becca's message is clear: sobriety is possible, even during the holidays. With a generous heart and a loving mouth, she encourages listeners to spread love and compassion, reminding us all that the true spirit of the season isn't found in a bottle or a pill.
Whether you're new to recovery or a seasoned veteran, Becca's insights offer a comforting hand to hold through one of the year's most challenging times.