Start on "Episode 1: Blue Light" to find out.

Why Did Peter Sink?

Why Did Peter Sink?

  • The Inversions (6): Heavens...singular or plural?

The Inversions (6): Heavens...singular or plural?

Friday 1st March 2024

Rediscover the awe of the heavens and their spiritual significance in this episode of 'Why Did Peter Sink?'.
23 minutes

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Why Did Peter Sink?
Start on "Episode 1: Blue Light" to find out.
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Rediscovering Wonder: The Heavens Beyond the Telescope

Episode Overview

  • Explore the enchantment of the heavens and its spiritual significance
  • Unravel the mysteries of the third heaven and its connection to angels and saints
  • Contemplate the nature of time in the celestial realm and its theological implications
  • Embrace humility and faith as essential virtues on the path to eternal salvation
  • Discover the harmonious role of all creation in glorifying God, from birds to stars to angels
The goal of life is to reach heaven. Yet, as Jesus said, the kingdom of God is among us. And he also said, repent and believe for the kingdom of God is at hand.
Ever felt like the magic of stargazing has been replaced by staring at screens? In this episode of 'Why Did Peter Sink?', the host takes us on a nostalgic journey to reclaim the awe of 'the heavens'. Instead of just viewing space as cold, empty 'outer space', this episode invites you to see it as a source of wonder and spiritual depth.
The discussion revolves around how modern science, while fascinating, has stripped away some of the enchantment that once filled our night skies. Remember lying on the grass, gazing up and feeling the vastness of it all? This episode wants to bring back that feeling. It even dives into the nuances of translations in Genesis, pondering why some versions say 'heaven' while others say 'heavens'.
If you're curious about blending faith with a sense of cosmic wonder, this episode is your ticket to a deeper appreciation of the universe.