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  • the Lyme Autism Connection

the Lyme Autism Connection

Monday 25th August 2008

Join Mary Woods as she explores the connection between Lyme disease and autism with Tami Duncan and Brian Rossner. Learn about the Lyme Induced Autism (LIA) Foundation's focus on education, awareness, and research into the connection between Lyme disease and autism. Listen to the episode now here on
55 minutes

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Uncovering the Link between Lyme Disease and Autism: A Conversation with Tammy Duncan and Brian Rossner

The Lyme community almost sees itself as a little bit, you know, trying to protect itself and heal itself while we're waiting for mainstream science to catch up.
Mary Woods, the host of One Hour at a Time, invites listeners to explore the intriguing link between Lyme disease and autism. In this episode, Woods talks to Tami Duncan, the Executive Director and co-founder of the Lyme Induced Autism (LIA) Foundation, and Brian Rossner, a Lyme disease patient and advocate.
The conversation delves into the symptoms and difficulties of diagnosing Lyme disease, the connection between Lyme disease and mental health disorders, and the foundation's work in promoting education, awareness, and research on the topic. The guests also discuss current testing methods, potential environmental and genetic factors, and the hope of recovery for children with Lyme-induced Autism. The episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of health and environmental factors.
Listen to the episode now here on and be informed, empowered, and inspired.