Leilah Feinstein, Ataraxxxia, and Erica Sosa

A Stripper's Guide

A Stripper's Guide feat. Aubrey Gordon

  • The Movement for Fat Justice (feat. Aubrey Gordon)

The Movement for Fat Justice (feat. Aubrey Gordon)

Wednesday 31st May 2023

Join Leilah, Erica, and Aubrey Gordon on 'A Stripper's Guide' as they discuss fat justice, sex work, stigma, and advocacy for fair compensation.
47 minutes

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A Stripper's Guide
Leilah Feinstein, Ataraxxxia, and Erica Sosa
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Breaking Barriers: Fat Justice and Sex Work with Aubrey Gordon

Episode Overview

  • Explore the intersection of fat justice and sex work, challenging societal biases and advocating for fair compensation for sex workers
  • Delve into the challenges faced by sex workers, femmes, and fat folks in a society that routinely misunderstands and overlooks them
  • Highlight the dangers of stigma and social pressures, shedding light on biases and microaggressions in everyday life
  • Discuss the phenomenon of former fat people distancing themselves from their pasts, drawing parallels to the experiences of former sex workers
  • Emphasize the importance of co-conspiratorship in disrupting anti-fatness and anti-sex worker bias, advocating for fair compensation and challenging societal norms
But by doing that, it's sending the implicit message of I do need to be saved and what you're doing is okay. I mean, oh shit, sorry, I just knocked something over. This podcast is full of the background sounds of my life, including my cat who has been screaming throughout this. I don't know if you guys have heard her, but um, and like I I don't I don't want to like suggest that I think that like every sex worker needs to come out of the closet because I definitely don't. I know Erica,
Leilah Feinstein and Erica Sosa, the dynamic hosts of 'A Stripper's Guide', wrap up the season with a bang by inviting the brilliant Aubrey Gordon to the show. Aubrey, known for her work as an author, podcaster, and activist, joins the conversation to tackle some heavy-hitting topics. Together, they dive into the intertwined struggles of fat justice and sex work, shedding light on the societal stigmas that plague both communities.
Aubrey shares her personal journey as a fat individual and discusses why some former fat people and sex workers feel pressured to distance themselves from their pasts. The trio unpacks the harmful effects of stigma and social pressures, emphasizing the need for solidarity and support in fighting against these biases. They also delve into the challenges of being a fat sex worker and the critical importance of advocacy for fair compensation.
This episode isn't just about highlighting issues; it's a call to action for listeners to examine their own biases and become allies in the fight for justice. With candid discussions and heartfelt stories, Leilah, Erica, and Aubrey create a powerful narrative that encourages empathy, understanding, and meaningful change.