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  • The MY House Podcast Ep. 45: Josh Broda

The MY House Podcast Ep. 45: Josh Broda

Wednesday 3rd July 2024

Join Michelle Overstreet and Isaac Smolden as they chat with Josh Broda about his journey from construction to owning three top restaurants in Alaska.
24 minutes

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From Construction to Cuisine: Josh Broda's Journey

Episode Overview

  • Josh Broda's journey from construction to restaurant ownership.
  • The challenges and rewards of running multiple dining establishments.
  • The significance of the 18 Holes Of Hope golf tournament for MY House.
  • Community support during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Personal stories of overcoming addiction and contributing to community welfare.
I've been clean for nine years. So, and I know that my house deals with a lot of addiction and abuse type stuff. So I can certainly relate to that.
In this episode of The MY House Podcast, Michelle Overstreet and Isaac Smolden sit down with Josh Broda, the dynamic owner of three popular Alaskan restaurants: Angry Salmon, Settlers Bay Lodge, and The Chop House. Josh is not just a culinary entrepreneur but also the mastermind behind the annual 18 Holes Of Hope banquet, a significant fundraiser for MY House.
The conversation takes a delightful turn as Michelle and Josh reminisce about their long-standing friendship and the restaurants' esteemed reputation within the community. Josh shares his journey from construction work in Florida to owning multiple top-notch dining spots in Alaska. His story is filled with humorous anecdotes, like the unexpected challenges of renovating old buildings and the adventures of running a restaurant five hours away.
You’ll hear about the resilience required to keep businesses afloat during tough times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and the importance of community support in overcoming these hurdles. The episode also highlights the incredible impact of the 18 Holes Of Hope golf tournament. Josh’s dedication to this event is evident as he discusses the meticulous planning and community involvement that make it a success year after year.
From elegant dinners to heartwarming stories of community support, this episode paints a vivid picture of what makes MY House and its partners so special. For anyone interested in the intersection of community service, entrepreneurship, and personal growth, this episode offers a wealth of inspiration. Whether you’re a fan of golf, fine dining, or just love a good story about overcoming obstacles, Josh Broda’s journey will leave you feeling motivated and connected to the spirit of Alaska.
Why not give it a listen? You might find yourself inspired by Josh's story and the incredible work being done at MY House.