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ACA Tuesday Zoombox

ACA Tuesday Zoombox

  • The Promises

The Promises

Wednesday 26th June 2024

Cayla shares her journey of recovery through ACA Promises, focusing on stability, financial security, and intimacy. A must-listen for those on a similar path.
13 minutes

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Finding Stability and Intimacy Through ACA Promises

Episode Overview

  • Reflecting on the ACA Promises can help gauge personal growth.
  • Surrendering control to a higher power can lead to peace and stability.
  • Understanding and improving intimacy is crucial for healthy relationships.
  • Identifying and overcoming scarcity mindset can improve financial security.
  • Discernment is essential in choosing safe people for intimate relationships.
The more I gave things up to God, the more I saw things just kind of working out and becoming more peaceful and more stable and financially secure.
In this heartfelt episode of ACA Tuesday Zoombox, Cayla shares her journey of recovery and growth through the lens of the ACA Promises. With nearly a year in the programme, she reflects on how these promises have manifested in her life, particularly focusing on stability, financial security, and intimacy. Cayla opens up about her struggles with a scarcity mindset and control issues stemming from her upbringing in a missionary family.
She talks about how surrendering to a higher power has helped her find peace and stability, and even improved her self-esteem to the point where she can ask for what she deserves at work. Cayla also delves into the complexities of intimacy and attachment, recounting her journey from trauma bonding to forming healthier relationships.
She highlights the role of her inner child in making friends and navigating social interactions, while also acknowledging the need for discernment in choosing safe people to share intimacy with. This episode is a raw and honest exploration of the transformative power of the ACA Promises, offering hope and practical insights for anyone on a similar path. If you're looking for inspiration and practical advice on how to navigate your own recovery journey, this episode is a must-listen.