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The Recovery Pod - Self-Help Podcast with Steven & Friends

  • The Recovery Pod Ep. 123: Procrastinating Desperation

The Recovery Pod Ep. 123: Procrastinating Desperation

Tuesday 9th July 2024

Struggling with slipping in your recovery programme? This episode of The Recovery Pod offers candid discussions and practical advice to help you stay on track.
47 minutes

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The Recovery Pod
The Recovery Pod - Self-Help Podcast with Steven & Friends
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Procrastination in Recovery: Staying on Track

Episode Overview

  • Recognise where your recovery programme is lacking.
  • Stay accountable to yourself and your peers.
  • Show up and engage in meetings regularly.
  • Be honest about your struggles and complacency.
  • Recovery requires continuous effort and self-awareness.
Recovery isn't about perfection; it's about recognising where you're slipping and getting back on course
Feeling like your recovery programme is slipping? You're not alone. In this episode of The Recovery Pod, Steven and friends dive into the all-too-familiar territory of losing momentum in recovery. They share their own experiences with vulnerability and honesty, discussing how easy it is to fall back into old habits and routines. From the decline in meeting attendance due to vibe shifts to the challenges of maintaining discipline, the hosts don't shy away from the tough truths.
They talk about recognising where their programmes are lacking and the importance of accountability, both to themselves and their peers. The conversation is raw and real, highlighting the significance of showing up, staying engaged, and being honest about one's struggles. Whether it's dealing with complacency or the temptation to procrastinate, this episode offers relatable anecdotes and practical advice. If you're looking for a candid discussion that doesn't sugarcoat the challenges of recovery, this episode is a must-listen.
It’s a reminder that recovery is a continuous journey that requires constant effort and self-awareness. Don't miss out on this engaging and supportive conversation that could very well resonate with your own experiences.