Recover Yourself: Out from Under the Influence


  • The Wound of Independence

The Wound of Independence

Sunday 3rd July 2022

Mary Wagstaff and MartinJon discuss redefining independence in alcohol recovery, emphasizing individualism and community support.
51 minutes

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Redefining Independence in Alcohol Recovery with Mary Wagstaff

We are sitting here talking about recovering to a space in your life that is not under the influence of something external from you, is so much more vast than the freedom you gained at or when you were able to drink and get out of from under the house, under the roof of your parents.
Feeling stuck in the pursuit of independence? You’re not alone. In this episode of 'Recover Yourself', host MartinJon chats with Mary Wagstaff, a holistic alcohol coach for women, about the often misunderstood concept of independence in the context of alcohol recovery. Mary brings a fresh perspective, suggesting that striving for independence might actually hinder personal growth and recovery. Instead, she emphasizes the importance of individualism and the unique journey each person takes towards healing.
They dive into the differences between masculine and feminine energy, and how embracing one's true self can lead to a more fulfilling, alcohol-free life. They also touch on how community and rituals play a vital role in recovery, especially during challenging times like the pandemic. If you’re curious about how to balance independence with interdependence and want to explore new ways to recover yourself, this episode is a must-listen.