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  • The year ahead Episode 75 AAs new survey and new literature

The year ahead Episode 75 AAs new survey and new literature

Friday 8th December 2023

Join Joe C on Rebellion Dogs Radio as he explores AA's future through diversity, updated literature, and addressing systemic biases.
71 minutes

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Rebellion Dogs Radio: Shaping AA's Future Through Diversity and Change

Episode Overview

  • Exploration of the need for updating AA's literature to reflect the diversity of its members in the 21st century
  • Critical examination of systemic biases and disparities faced by underrepresented populations in AA
  • Insightful reflections on the evolving dynamics of recovery and the complexity of systemic discrimination
  • Invitation for listeners to contemplate the changing landscape of recovery and the pivotal role each member plays in fostering a more inclusive fellowship
History is a study of change; it’s about liberating ourselves from it.
What does the future hold for Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)? In this episode of Rebellion Dogs Radio, host Joe C dives into three pivotal initiatives that could redefine the fellowship in 2024. Inspired by historian Yuval Noah Harari's idea that history is about change, not just the past, Joe C examines how AA must evolve to remain relevant and inclusive.
First up, there's a call for new stories to update the nearly half-century-old pamphlet, 'Do You Think You’re Different?' It's a rallying cry for those who feel they don't fit the typical AA mold to share their experiences and demonstrate the fellowship's true diversity. Next, Joe tackles the debate over AA's foundational texts, 'The Big Book' and '12 & 12'. Should these be rewritten to reflect modern times or preserved as they are?
The trustees’ Literature Committee is polling members for their views, making this a crucial moment for AA's future direction. Finally, the episode delves into new survey data highlighting the disparities faced by underrepresented groups within AA. Joe C discusses how acknowledging and addressing these systemic biases can lead to a more equitable and supportive community.
Whether you're part of AA or simply interested in the evolving landscape of recovery, this episode offers a thought-provoking look at how inclusivity and change can shape the future of this iconic fellowship.