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  • The Year in Recovery 2018 – Episode 273

The Year in Recovery 2018 – Episode 273

Wednesday 2nd January 2019

Listen to The Recovery Show podcast episode 273 as members share their reflections on the past year and aspirations for the new year in their journey of recovery.
72 minutes

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The Recovery Show » Finding serenity through 12 step recovery in Al-Anon – a podcast
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The Year in Recovery: Reflections and Aspirations

Through not drinking, I came to recognize the emotion that made me want to drink, and so what I got in place of alcohol was the self-awareness and power to make a better choice for myself.
The Recovery Show's latest podcast episode, 'The Year in Recovery 2018', is an insightful and inspiring episode that features members sharing their reflections on their recovery journeys in the past year and their aspirations for the new year. The episode is hosted by Spencer, who guides the conversation with thought-provoking questions. Listeners will hear stories of growth, challenges, and hope from members who share their experiences, strength, and hope.
One member shares how not drinking has led to self-awareness and the power to make better choices. Another member talks about the importance of meetings and finding a sponsor. The episode is full of tools and solutions found in recovery, making it an informative and empowering resource for those on their own recovery journey. The Recovery Show's 'The Year in Recovery 2018' episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration, encouragement, and hope in their own journey of recovery.
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