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  • To Be The Bookmaker

To Be The Bookmaker

Tuesday 7th January 2020

Listen to Steppin' Out Radio's episode 'To Be The Bookmaker' and hear Sean's story of addiction, transformation, and recovery from compulsive gambling. Available now on alcoholfree.com.
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From Childhood Bets to Big Losses: A Compulsive Gambler's Journey to Recovery

I know that if you think you have a problem, you do have a problem. Otherwise, you wouldn't think you have the problem.
Steppin' Out Radio's latest episode, 'To Be The Bookmaker,' tells the story of Sean's journey from childhood bets to compulsive gambling and, ultimately, recovery. Growing up in a neighborhood where gambling was the norm, Sean was introduced to a bookie in his early teens and quickly became hooked. From betting hundreds of dollars he didn't have to idolizing bookmakers with their flashy lifestyles, Sean's addiction to gambling took over his life.
As he spent more time and money at the casino, Sean's physical and mental health declined, and he became consumed with the idea of winning big. It wasn't until someone recommended Gamblers Anonymous that Sean sought help and began his path to recovery. Through attending meetings, utilizing online resources, and building healthy relationships, Sean was able to overcome his addiction and transform his life.
Listeners of the podcast will gain insight into the mental and physical effects of compulsive gambling and the importance of finding support in recovery. As Sean says, 'If you think you have a problem, you do have a problem. Otherwise, you wouldn't think you have the problem.' Listen to 'To Be The Bookmaker' now on alcoholfree.com and take the first step in your own journey to recovery.