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Today, a Clean Start

Wednesday 9th January 2019

Learn how to energize your life with a fresh start on the Spirit of Recovery podcast. Practical techniques to apply spiritual principles on the 12-step recovery journey. Listen now on alcoholfree.com
59 minutes

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Starting Over: Practical Techniques for a Clean Slate on Spirit of Recovery Podcast

My experience has been that that ability that I exercise when I make what seems like a minor change a different choice seems to have some kind of additive, maybe even multiplicative effect, and it helps me and supports me in making changes that really are much bigger than that.
The Spirit of Recovery podcast explores practical ways to apply spiritual principles on the 12-step recovery journey. In the episode 'Today, a Clean Start,' Revs. Lonnie and Dan discuss the power of starting over and how it can energize your life with a fresh start. They share their experiences with addiction, the challenges they faced, and the tools they used to overcome them.
One of the main themes of the episode is the importance of making different choices. Rev. Lonnie shares how exercising the ability to make a different choice, no matter how small, can have an additive or even multiplicative effect that supports bigger changes over time. He emphasizes the benefits of developing a formal practice and taking action to grow and recover.
Rev. Dan adds that starting over can be as simple as driving on a different road or choosing to eat at a different restaurant. He notes that this kind of different choice can add up and make a big difference in your life over time. Both hosts stress that unmanageability doesn't just go away instantly and that recovery is an ongoing process.
The episode covers the third principle of the 12-step program: co-creating with God a new way of being. The hosts explain that this involves taking action to align yourself with your higher power and co-creating a new way of being that supports your recovery.
The Spirit of Recovery podcast provides informative and empowering insights into the challenges of addiction and the tools to overcome them. 'Today, a Clean Start' is a hopeful and encouraging episode that motivates listeners to take action towards their own recovery. Listen to the full episode now here on alcoholfree.com.