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  • Transformation Radio January 1st

Transformation Radio January 1st

Tuesday 1st January 2019

Listen to real stories of hope and healing on the Transformation Radio January 1st episode of Relational Recovery, a podcast that helps people recover from addictions through a blend of Christian spirituality and psychology on
16 minutes

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Relational Recovery: Transformation Radio January 1st Episode

Just trust this process and keep pushing forward if you want to change your life.
Relational Recovery is a podcast that offers hope and healing to those struggling with unwanted behaviors. The Transformation Radio January 1st episode starts with a reading from the book of Matthew in the New Testament, a perfect bridge between the old covenant and the new Israel and the church prophecy and fulfilment. Listeners hear about the birth of Jesus, how it was different from every other birth and how it fulfilled the Lord's message through his prophet.
The podcast then turns to real stories of hope and healing, where guests share their experiences and how they decided to make a change. One guest talks about how he was homeless and eventually decided to reach out for help. He found The Refuge Ministry and learned self-perseverance and gained tools to better himself as a person. He never thought he would accept God in his life, but trusting the process and pushing forward helped him change his life.
The episode ends with a discussion about the book of Psalms and how it expresses man's praise to God. Listeners can gain knowledge and purpose by exploring the depth of meaning in these proverbs, parables, wise sayings, and riddles. Overall, the Transformation Radio January 1st episode of Relational Recovery is inspiring, empowering, informative, and encouraging, offering listeners hope and healing. Listen to the episode now here on