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  • Trusting God

Trusting God

Tuesday 30th January 2024

Rev. Dan Beckett and Rev. Michelle Vargas explore letting go and trusting a higher power in addiction recovery, sharing personal stories and practical advice.
30 minutes

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Learning to Let Go: Finding Strength in Trusting a Higher Power

Episode Overview

  • Explore the profound journey of letting go and trusting a higher power
  • Gain practical guidance and wisdom for embracing spiritual growth and freedom from addiction
  • Discover the transformative effect of aligning with a higher power
  • Embrace a gentler, more allowing approach to life and recognize the friendly nature of the universe
  • Receive insightful anecdotes and practical advice for navigating the challenges of addiction recovery
I let go and let God, trusting that all is unfolding in divine order for my highest good.
Ever felt like you were holding onto something so tightly, it left claw marks? That's a common feeling among those on the path to addiction recovery. In this episode of 'Spirit of Recovery', Rev. Dan Beckett and Rev. Michelle Vargas tackle the daunting yet liberating concept of letting go and trusting a higher power. They share their own journeys, filled with relatable struggles and triumphs, to illustrate how surrendering control can lead to incredible life changes.
The hosts dive into the emotional shift from clinging to what's familiar, even if it's harmful, to embracing the unknown with faith. They discuss how aligning with a higher power can transform your perspective from one dominated by ego to one enriched by spiritual insight. With a blend of personal stories and practical advice, Rev. Dan and Rev. Michelle make the case for openness and willingness as keys to unlocking a supportive universe.
This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual practice and find freedom from addiction.