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  • Tyler's Story - Addicted at Age 6

Tyler's Story - Addicted at Age 6

Thursday 3rd January 2019

Listen to Tyler's harrowing story of addiction from age 6 and his journey to recovery on The Addiction Podcast - Point of No Return, brought to you by Narconon Suncoast.
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Tyler's Story: Battling Addiction from Age 6

I think what you guys find at Narconon oftentimes is that when the addict has to get out of that environment, the environment is contributing in some way.
Tyler's addiction story began at the young age of six, when he was prescribed psych drugs to combat ADD. He eventually moved on to marijuana and harder drugs, leading to a cycle of detoxes and jail stints. But now, Tyler is clean and sober, thanks to the Narconon program. In this episode of The Addiction Podcast - Point of No Return, Tyler shares his journey to recovery and the importance of taking action for addiction recovery.
He also discusses the societal issue of drug reliance and the dangers of prescribing drugs to children. One key aspect of the Narconon program that helped Tyler was the need to confront past mistakes and take responsibility for them. By doing so, he was able to erase the emotional attachment to his mistakes and categorize them as nothing more than memories. Tyler's story is a powerful reminder that addiction can affect anyone, at any age.
But with the right help and support, recovery is possible. Listen to the full episode now on and take the first step towards overcoming addiction.