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Unashamedly Human Podcast with Guest Jamie Smart

Wednesday 9th January 2019

Join Jacquie Forde and Jamie Smart as they explore the power of connection on The Unashamedly Human Podcast. Subscribe to alcoholfree.com to listen now!
44 minutes

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Discovering the Power of Connection with Jamie Smart on The Unashamedly Human Podcast

I watch what they navigate in life at their ages and I think about me when I was their age, and I just think I was a headcase, you know, and watching them deal with conflict, with relationships, with people, with careers. So just knowing that each of them has an internal roadmap, each of them has access to that wisdom to navigate a world that, a lot of the time, looks to me like the pages of a marvel comic These Days.
In the latest episode of The Unashamedly Human Podcast, host Jacquie Forde sits down with executive coach and speaker Jamie Smart to discuss the power of connection. Smart shares his personal journey towards discovering the wisdom within and how it changed his approach to life. The conversation touches on subtractive psychology, resolving the roots of youth violence, and living a god-centered life.
Smart also reflects on his experience of connection and how it has become a profound part of his life. The episode ends with a call-to-action to subscribe to alcoholfree.com to listen to the full episode and receive show notes every week. Don't miss out on this thought-provoking and inspiring conversation!