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  • Waiting on Love

Waiting on Love

Thursday 1st January 1970

Discover how to experience the love of God in Renewal Chapel's Waiting on Love podcast episode. Join the unique community connecting people with God and equipping them to serve one another on
45 minutes

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Experience the Love of God: Insights from Renewal Chapel's Waiting on Love Podcast Episode

To experience love, not just to be told that you're loved and to read it in a bible, but to experience that love Twenty-Three Days Between Now And Christmas to begin to experience the love of God at a deeper level than you've ever experienced that love before.
Renewal Chapels is a unique community that connects people with God, offering hope and renewal to those battling addiction, anxiety, and anger. In their podcast episode, Waiting on Love, Mark Booth shares insights from the Christmas series 'Love Came Down.' He reflects on the significance of waiting on God's love and experiencing it through his word. He emphasizes the importance of knowing the exact truth about God and finding identity in something other than what you do in life.
Mark also shares the value of pursuing personal spiritual discipline and experiencing God's love through humility. He encourages listeners to patiently wait on God's love and experience it at a deeper level than ever before. This podcast episode is inspiring, empowering, informative, hopeful, and encouraging. Listen to the episode now here on and join the unique community that equips you to serve one another.