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Sunday 5th January 2020

Gain valuable insights and lessons about the recovery process through We Do Recover, a podcast hosted by Carter. Listen to the latest episode now on
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The Journey of Recovery: Insights and Lessons Learned from We Do Recover Podcast

Recovery is a process. It's more like a learning spiral which becomes deeper and deeper each time we stumble.
We Do Recover is a podcast hosted by Carter, sharing his experience, strength, and hope with those in recovery, those who love someone in recovery, or are still struggling with addiction. Carter talks about different topics that are helpful for anyone living with someone in recovery. The podcast is full of insights, lessons, and experiences that can help listeners to gain a deeper understanding of the recovery process.
Carter's own journey began when he admitted that he was an alcoholic and started seeking help. He talks candidly about his ups and downs, his struggles and victories, and how he has learned to stay committed to his recovery journey. Carter emphasizes that recovery is a process and a learning spiral that becomes deeper each time we stumble.
The topics covered in We Do Recover are diverse and range from codependency to eating disorders, from addiction to adult children of alcoholics. The podcast features experts, authors, and people in recovery who share their experiences and insights. Carter believes that sharing experiences is crucial to recovery and that listeners can learn from others who have gone through similar experiences.
The podcast also covers the importance of supporting loved ones in recovery and the benefits of being part of a recovery community. Carter emphasizes that recovery is not a solitary journey and that having a supportive community can make all the difference. He also talks about finding hope and strength in recovery, and how the journey can transform lives.
In summary, We Do Recover is an inspiring, empowering, informative, and supportive podcast that can help anyone in recovery or struggling with addiction. Listeners can gain valuable insights and lessons from Carter's personal journey and the experiences shared by his guests. The podcast is a reminder that recovery is a process, and that with commitment, support, and hope, it is possible to overcome addiction and transform lives. Listen to the latest episode now on and join the We Do Recover community.