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  • What about the Fear of Death?

What about the Fear of Death?

Friday 5th July 2024

Hosts Laurie, Kayla, and Dominique discuss the fear of death in addiction recovery and how CRAFT tools can help families make healthier decisions.
24 minutes

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Facing the Fear of Death in Addiction Recovery

Episode Overview

  • Recognise the emotional toll of fearing a loved one's death.
  • Understand the illusion of control and learn to accept it.
  • Implement small, manageable changes using CRAFT tools.
  • Recognise patterns in behaviour to make informed decisions.
  • Balance difficult actions with positive relationship-building activities.
It's almost like I've come to terms with I'll probably never forgive myself, no matter what I do.
In this compelling episode of 'Coming Up for Air — Families Speak to Families about Addiction', hosts Laurie McDougall, Kayla Solomon, and Dominique Simone Levine tackle the heart-wrenching topic of the fear of death that looms over families dealing with addiction. The conversation dives deep into how this fear influences decisions and actions, and how the CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) method can help shift dynamics in a healthier direction.
Laurie shares her personal struggle with setting boundaries while constantly fearing the worst, highlighting the immense emotional toll it takes on family members. Kayla and Dominique discuss the importance of recognising patterns, both in the behaviour of loved ones and in their own reactions, to make more informed decisions. They stress that while it may feel like you have control, often it's just an illusion, and learning to accept this can be freeing.
The episode is filled with practical advice on how to implement small, manageable changes that can lead to significant improvements over time. By the end, you'll feel a sense of hope and a clearer understanding of how to navigate these incredibly challenging situations. If you're grappling with similar fears, this episode offers not just empathy but actionable steps to help you and your loved one move forward.