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On the Mend with Simple Wellness (Joyce Day)

  • What's the Deal with OSS?

What's the Deal with OSS?

Tuesday 2nd July 2019

Join Joyce Day on 'On the Mend with Simple Wellness' to learn about OSS, wellness tips, and the impact of motherhood on women's health.
17 minutes

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On the Mend with Simple Wellness
Joyce Day
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Unlocking Wellness: Joyce Day's Journey with OSS

You don't have to turn your whole life upside down just to take care of your health.
Joyce Day has a knack for making health and wellness feel accessible and fun. In this episode of 'On the Mend with Simple Wellness', she opens up about her personal health struggles and how they led her to create One Simple Step (OSS). If you’ve ever found yourself overwhelmed by health issues as you age, Joyce’s story will resonate with you.
She dives into the importance of small lifestyle changes and the power of a positive mindset in achieving a healthier life. But it's not all about serious health talk; Joyce also shares some quick and easy wellness hacks that can make a big difference. From simple dietary tweaks to stress management tips, these practical suggestions are perfect for busy women juggling multiple responsibilities. And if you’re a mother, you’ll appreciate her candid discussion on how motherhood impacts women's health journeys.
Joyce emphasizes the importance of women supporting each other, creating a community where everyone can thrive. Whether you're dealing with a specific health issue or just looking to improve your overall well-being, this episode offers a wealth of information and encouragement. Joyce’s empathetic approach and light-hearted humor make the journey to wellness feel less daunting and more achievable. Tune in to find out what OSS is all about and how you can take that first step towards feeling your best.