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  • Why Our Conversation About MENTAL HEALTH Fail Men | Tim Krass

Why Our Conversation About MENTAL HEALTH Fail Men | Tim Krass

Monday 27th September 2021

Tim Krass shares his journey with depression and anxiety, tackling toxic masculinity's impact on men's mental health.
56 minutes

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Tim Krass: Shattering Myths Around Men's Mental Health

By changing the conversation and getting men to appreciate the value of their mental performance, I believe we can prevent millions of suicides, millions of domestic violence situations, people involved with substance abuse and other health problems that plague men.
Tim Krass isn't just talking about mental health—he's living it. In this episode of 'Time Out for Mental Health', Tim opens up about his own battles with depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. He dives deep into how toxic masculinity warps men's mental well-being and strains relationships. Tim's raw honesty makes this episode a must-listen for anyone grappling with similar issues or supporting someone who is. Before the pandemic, over 300 million people were already struggling with depression.
That number has only skyrocketed since. Tim shares his personal story and breaks down why our conversations about mental health often miss the mark, especially for men. He argues that societal expectations of toughness and stoicism can be deadly, pushing men to the brink without seeking help. Tim also takes a hard look at how marketing influences our perceptions of mental health.
He offers practical tips for self-discovery and introspection, aiming to help men understand that it's okay to feel 'off' and to seek support. His message is clear: changing the way we talk about mental health can save lives, preventing suicides and domestic violence. If you're searching for an honest, heartfelt discussion on men's mental health, this episode delivers. Tim's insights provide not just understanding but actionable steps for those struggling in silence.
Tune in to 'Time Out for Mental Health' and take a step toward breaking the stigma.