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  • Wonder - "Daring Greatly"

Wonder - "Daring Greatly"

Thursday 1st January 1970

Join Pastor Mark Booth of Renewal Chapel in exploring the essence of wonder and its transformative power in our spiritual lives. Listen to this insightful message now on!
42 minutes

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Daring Greatly: Discovering Wonder through Awe, Amazement, and Fascination with God's Co-Creation

Wonder, then, is no longer an unfulfilled ache and a desire for the temporal, for the finite, but it is an amazement, it is an awe, it is a fascination with what god has done, what god is doing now, and an excited expectancy about what he's going to do in the future.
In a culture that often prioritizes desire over awe, it's easy to lose sight of the transformative power of wonder. However, in the latest episode of Renewal Chapel Podcast, Pastor Mark Booth reminds us of the importance of cultivating wonder in our spiritual lives. Through his insightful message, Pastor Mark explores the story of Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds, highlighting their co-creative work with God and the role of faith in cultivating wonder.
He also emphasizes the need to read our desires as signposts and movements that lead us to partner with God in co-creation and communication. Wonder, he says, is not merely an unfulfilled ache for the temporal, but an amazement, an awe, and a fascination with what God has done, is doing, and will do in the future. Join Pastor Mark Booth in discovering the transformative power of wonder and listen to this inspiring message now on!