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  • Working on Relationships

Working on Relationships

Saturday 23rd April 2022

Discover how relationships aid veterans' recovery from addiction with Darius's personal insights and practical advice on 'Operation Veterans Recovery'.
24 minutes

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Healing Bonds: Relationships in Veterans' Recovery

One of the big things that one of my social workers, Jay, he said was that- shoot, I'm going to mess it up how he said it. He was comforted by the times that his family members were yelling at him about what he was doing, about his drinking, and that was almost a comfort, because that means that they still loved him. The ones that said something, the ones that tried to make you understand those are the ones that you want to keep around.
Imagine navigating the choppy waters of recovery while trying to mend the relationships that matter most. In this episode of 'Operation Veterans Recovery', Darius dives into the pivotal role relationships play in the journey to sobriety for veterans. He shares his classroom learnings and personal experiences, shedding light on how making amends and self-forgiveness are crucial steps in the healing process.
Darius opens up about the support he received from family members who held him accountable, and the stark realization of how his actions impacted his children. This episode is a heartfelt exploration of the power of relationships in recovery, offering practical advice and emotional insights. Whether you're a veteran or a loved one affected by addiction, Darius's candid discussion provides valuable takeaways and encouragement to seek help.
Tune in to understand how nurturing relationships can be a cornerstone in overcoming addiction.