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  • You Can't Pour from an Empty Cup

You Can't Pour from an Empty Cup

Sunday 5th January 2020

Listen to The Goodness Chick podcast as Erin Lawler Patterson shares her insights on why filling your cup should be a priority in life. Learn how to recharge and get your cup filled. Exclusively on
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Why Filling Your Cup Should Be a Priority: Insights from The Goodness Chick Podcast

You deserve to have a full cup, and it's not about being selfish. These are ways that I keep my cup filled.
In the latest episode of The Goodness Chick podcast, Erin Lawler Patterson highlights the importance of self-care and the negative impacts of neglecting it. She emphasizes the need for individuals to prioritize filling their cup before pouring into others. Erin shares her personal experiences and insights on the benefits of alone time, silence, and connecting with others for support. In addition, she provides practical ways to recharge and fill your cup, such as finding a wingman, getting counseling, and making alone time a productive activity.
Erin's message is inspiring and empowering, encouraging listeners to be comfortable with themselves and to extend their hearts and words to others instead of carrying the burden alone. As she puts it, 'you deserve to have a full cup, and it's not about being selfish.' Listeners will come away from this episode with a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to making self-care a priority in their lives.
To listen to the full episode and hear Erin's insights in her own words, tune in to The Goodness Chick podcast on Fill your cup and live your best life!