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  • #YOULIVE 167 -Celeb Rehab's Jennie Ketcham

#YOULIVE 167 -Celeb Rehab's Jennie Ketcham

Monday 14th January 2019

Jennie Ketcham, a former porn actress turned social worker, shares her transformative journey on This Life #YOULIVE with Dr. Drew and co-hosts Bob Forrest and Mike Catherwood. Listen now for a raw and inspiring conversation about addiction, recovery, and personal growth.
52 minutes

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From Porn to Psychology: A Transformative Journey with Jennie Ketcham on This Life #YOULIVE

I became more okay with doing things that I wasn't okay with when I first entered the business. And then I did boy girl videos, I'll never do... And that really for me was transformative because I had it in my head.
On a recent episode of This Life #YOULIVE, Dr. Drew Pinsky and his co-hosts Bob Forrest and Mike Catherwood sit down with Jennie Ketcham, a former porn actress turned social worker. Ketcham shares her incredible journey from the porn industry to becoming a mental health professional, discussing her experiences with addiction, recovery, and personal growth. Throughout the episode, Ketcham's raw and honest reflections inspire listeners to reflect on their own journeys and the importance of self-respect in relationships.
Ketcham speaks candidly about her experiences in the porn industry, including how she became more comfortable with doing things she initially was not okay with. She also discusses how her appearance on Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab was a turning point in her life, leading her to take her recovery more seriously and ultimately pursue a career in social work. Ketcham's honesty and vulnerability offer listeners a unique perspective on the challenges and rewards of addiction recovery.
The hosts and Ketcham also delve into the importance of personalized treatment for addiction and mental health, as well as the connection between anxiety and other mental health conditions. Ketcham shares her own experiences with therapy and how it has helped her to rebuild her relationships and learn to experience emotions in a healthier way. The episode is a powerful reminder of the transformative power of therapy and the importance of seeking help when struggling with mental health issues.
Throughout the episode, Ketcham's gratitude and compassion shine through, particularly when discussing the impact of addiction on family. She reminds listeners of the value of small acts of kindness and gratitude, and how showing empathy and compassion can make a difference in someone's life. Her inspiring journey and dedication to helping others make this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in addiction recovery, mental health, and personal growth.
Ultimately, Jennie Ketcham's story is a testament to the power of personal growth and transformation. This Life #YOULIVE provides a platform for Ketcham to share her experiences and inspire listeners to reflect on their own journeys. Don't miss out on this raw and engaging conversation about addiction, recovery, and the human spirit.