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  • One Day at a Time: In Recovery in Baltimore

One Day at a Time: In Recovery in Baltimore

Join Theo Hill on 'One Day at a Time: In Recovery in Baltimore' for honest conversations about addiction, recovery, and finding strength.
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Theo Hill’s Journey: Real Talk on Addiction and Recovery

Curious about the real-life battles and triumphs of addiction recovery? 'One Day at a Time: In Recovery in Baltimore' offers an unfiltered look into the world of addiction through the eyes of host Theo Hill. With 19 years of sobriety under his belt after overcoming a heroin addiction, Theo brings a wealth of personal experience and empathy to each episode.
By day, he drives a truck and works as a certified counselor at Alcohol and Drug Intervention (ADI) in Glen Burnie, but his passion lies in helping others find their path to recovery. In this podcast, Theo sits down with guests to share raw, heartfelt conversations about their struggles with addiction and the strength it takes to break free. These aren’t just stories; they are lifelines for anyone grappling with similar challenges.
Each episode dives into topics like the impact of addiction on family life, the journey through guilt and shame, and the power of community support. Listeners will find themselves drawn into compelling narratives, from Luke’s battle with guilt to Chrissy and Peppy’s tales of resilience. Theo’s own story of redemption adds a layer of authenticity that resonates deeply.
Whether discussing the importance of purpose, the role of service in recovery, or simply sharing a laugh over past misadventures, 'One Day at a Time' is a beacon of hope and practical wisdom. This podcast is perfect for those seeking understanding, encouragement, or just a reminder that they’re not alone in their journey. Tune in for honest, intimate discussions that highlight the human spirit's capacity for change and growth.