Change your drinking, not your drinks.

If you've decided to reduce your drinking, or even stop completely, why should you have to start drinking like a child again?
That question is exactly why we started The Alcohol-Free Shop in 2006.
And that's why we still provide a wide range of beautifully mature drinks for beautifully mature drinkers.

Highlighted Beers

Enjoy the rich flavour of Erdinger Alkoholfrei Wheat Beer Can - an isotonic, low-calorie drink packed with vitamins B12, folic acid & polyphenols.
Experience the depth and richness of Brulo (Coast) Alcohol-Free Dry Hopped Stout (0.0% ABV) - a unique blend of six grains and dry hop duo. Vegan-friendly.
Lucky Saint Unfiltered Alcohol-Free Lager Bottle (0.5% ABV) is a uniquely flavoured and low-sugar alcoholic alternative that's vegan-friendly.
Discover the excitement of Tiny Rebel Clwb Tropica Non-Alcoholic IPA. Bursting with tropical flavours and a refreshing low-sugar profile.

Highlighted Wines

José Maria da Fonseca Original Moscatel Alcohol-Free White Wine with citric and floral aromas in a refreshing vegan and gluten-free drink.
The award-winning Not Guilty Alcohol-Free Rosé Wine is lightly bubbled, vegan-friendly, gluten-free and packed with fruity flavours.
Relish the Thomson & Scott Noughty Alcohol-Free Red Wine! Vegan-friendly, gluten-free & low-sugar. Great tasting drink for those cutting down on alcohol.
Experience the intricacies of Plus & Minus Alcohol-Free Blanc de Noirs Sparkling Wine made from premium Pinot Noir grapes. Low-sugar and vegan.

Highlighted Spirits and Cocktails

Relish the smooth taste of Twisst Alcohol-Free Irish Cream (0% ABV). Perfect for winding down after a busy day without alcohol-related guilt.
Gordon's 0.0 Alcohol-Free Pink Spirit - a rich blend of raspberry and strawberry flavours, expertly crafted for the discerning palate.
Discover CleanCo Clean R Rum Alternative Alcohol-Free Spirit - a low-sugar, gluten-free, vegan libation. A healthy alternative without sacrifice.
Enjoy an authentic Mojito experience without the alcohol! Try Ish Spirits Alcohol-Free Mojito Cocktail. Gluten-free, vegan & multi-award-winning.

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