Alcohol-Free & Non-Alcoholic Whiskey Alternatives

Experience the Feragaia Distilled Alcohol-Free Spirit from Scotland. A low-sugar, vegan drink made from 14 responsibly sourced botanicals.
Experience sophistication with Mahala Amber Alcohol-Free Spirit. Enjoy chilli, smoke and oak fragrances blended with South African fynbos notes. Gluten-free, low-sugar and vegan friendly.
Enjoy CleanCo's Clean W Whisky Alternative Alcohol-Free Spirit for the ultimate Bourbon experience. Low-sugar, gluten-free & vegan.
Experience the exquisite Gnista Barreled Oak – an alcohol-free Botanical Spirit infused with rich flavours such as warm spices and oak barrel.
Taste the distinct flavours of Lyre's Non-Alcoholic American Malt Spirit. This vegan and gluten-free drink pairs perfectly with Square Root Lemonade.