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  • 07-09-2024 The Boundaries in Flirting

07-09-2024 The Boundaries in Flirting

Tuesday 9th July 2024

Dr. Andrea Vitz and Jon Leon Guerrero explore the fine line between flirting and disrespect, offering tips on setting boundaries and recognising red flags.
9 minutes

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Flirting vs. Disrespect: Knowing the Difference

Episode Overview

  • Learn to distinguish between flirting and disrespect.
  • Understand the impact of words on emotional well-being.
  • Set and communicate clear boundaries in relationships.
  • Recognise red flags and know when to walk away.
  • Value your self-worth and don't give away your power.
If you feel put down, that's not okay. And by the way, what is okay is for you to say, I'm not okay with that.
Have you ever wondered where the line is between playful flirting and outright disrespect? This episode of Levelheaded Talk dives into this tricky topic with Dr. Andrea Vitz and Jon Leon Guerrero. They tackle a listener's question about recognising the difference between innocent banter and harmful behaviour. Dr. Vitz shares her insights on how words can impact us, even when said in jest, and stresses the importance of setting boundaries to protect our emotional well-being.
Jon, on the other hand, offers a candid take on his own experiences with flirting and how he ensures it remains respectful. The duo explores how childhood experiences shape our understanding of respect and flirtation, highlighting the importance of knowing your worth and not giving away your power for the sake of being loved. They also discuss how to handle situations where someone crosses the line and how to communicate your boundaries effectively.
If you've ever felt confused about someone's intentions or struggled to assert your own boundaries, this episode provides valuable guidance. Tune in to learn how to distinguish between healthy flirtation and disrespect, and why it's crucial to stand firm on your non-negotiables.