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Michele Waterman

  • 20. Looking Good & Feeling Great with Michelle Montes

20. Looking Good & Feeling Great with Michelle Montes

Friday 5th July 2024

Join Michele Waterman as she chats with Michelle Montes about her inspiring journey in makeup artistry, from Delhi to the Bay Area.
32 minutes

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Transforming Beauty: A Journey with Michelle Montes

Episode Overview

  • Michelle Montes' journey from Delhi to the Bay Area.
  • Adapting makeup techniques as one ages.
  • Offering personalised makeup lessons online and in-person.
  • Working with royal families and top designers.
  • Keeping creativity alive during challenging times.
When you look good, you have a different, brighter light that shines through you.
In this episode of the Real Joy Recovery Podcast, Michele Waterman sits down with Michelle Montes, a licensed cosmetologist with over 18 years of international experience in professional makeup and hair artistry. Michelle Montes shares her journey from being one of the top makeup artists in Delhi to starting fresh in the Bay Area, navigating the challenges of moving continents, raising kids, and finding her professional footing again.
Her story is a testament to resilience and creativity, highlighting how she kept her passion alive even during tough times like the pandemic by turning to hobbies like watercolour painting. Michelle Montes has worked with a diverse clientele, from royal families in India to everyday brides seeking that perfect look for their big day. She talks about her experiences working behind the scenes on runways, photoshoots, and movies, and how these opportunities have shaped her career.
Her work has been featured in renowned magazines like Hello!, Marie Claire, and Vogue, making her a sought-after artist in the industry. The conversation also touches on the importance of adapting makeup techniques as one ages and the value of personalised makeup lessons. Michelle Montes offers one-on-one makeup tutorials both online and in-person, helping clients learn techniques that suit their unique features and lifestyles.
The episode is filled with anecdotes from Michelle's career, including doing makeup for a royal wedding and working with top designers in India. Michele Waterman praises Michelle Montes' skill and dedication, sharing her own positive experiences as a client. The episode ends on an uplifting note, encouraging listeners to embrace their unique beauty and seek professional guidance when needed.
Whether you're interested in makeup artistry or looking for inspiration to pursue your passion despite obstacles, this episode has something for everyone. Why not give it a listen and discover how you can look good and feel great too?