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  • 5 - Being The Scapegoat

5 - Being The Scapegoat

Thursday 2nd January 2020

Gain insight and support to recover from narcissistic abuse with I Believe Your Abuse podcast. Learn how to recognize when you are being made the scapegoat in a relationship with a narcissist.
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How to Recognize When You are Being Made the Scapegoat in Narcissistic Abuse

There will never be a way for you to fully know what kind of smear campaign has been run behind your back, which starts out with you being the scapegoat for all of the issues surrounding the narcissist.
I Believe Your Abuse podcast is a valuable resource for those who have experienced the trauma of narcissistic abuse. In episode 5, the focus is on being the scapegoat and the ways in which the narcissist makes their partner the culprit for all their problems. The podcast provides education on narcissistic personality disorder and highlights the importance of understanding and recognizing the signs of abuse.
The host, Brandy Fuller Anderson, shares her own experiences of being the scapegoat and how she was easily separated from her support system. The episode emphasizes the need for education and awareness to help victims of narcissistic abuse heal and move forward. The podcast also encourages supporting charities that help victims of narcissistic abuse and ways to spread awareness of this insidious abuse.
The episode ends with a call-to-action to donate sessions or designs for fundraising t-shirts and to help victims of narcissistic abuse start a life free from abuse. Listen to the full episode now here on