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  • Red Flag Episode - 103

Red Flag Episode - 103

Monday 6th January 2020

Gain insights into the narcissistic abuse experience with I Believe Your Abuse Red Flag Episode - 103. Learn how to spot the red flags of toxic relationships and build a life free from abuse. Listen now on
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Uncovering the Shallow Connections of Narcissists: Insights from 'I Believe Your Abuse' Red Flag Episode - 103

A person so void of anything remotely real. A person who expects honesty but will not give it. This is how to disguise his loneliness with the picture of popularity.
If you've ever experienced narcissistic abuse, you know how hard it can be to spot the red flags of toxic relationships. In this episode of 'I Believe Your Abuse,' host Brandy Fuller Anderson dives deeper into the subtle but significant signs of narcissistic abuse, specifically the shallow connections that narcissists have with others.
Anderson shares her own experience with her ex-husband's constantly changing group of friends, and how it was all part of his game to extract as much supply as possible. She also addresses the shame that narcissists often feel and how they disguise it with a facade of popularity. Through sharing her story, Anderson empowers survivors to open their eyes to the reality of their situation and offers support for those who may still be struggling.
She emphasizes the importance of honesty and community support in the recovery process. If you're looking to build a life free from narcissistic abuse, this episode is a must-listen. Don't forget to check out Anderson's recovery book, which she's giving away for free in celebration of the new year. Listen to the episode now here on