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  • 6 – Bizarro 4th Step Workshop

6 – Bizarro 4th Step Workshop

Friday 4th January 2019

Get ready to laugh out loud and uncover some deep truths about addiction and recovery. Join John and Jon H on the Character Defects podcast as they take on the challenges of the 4th step inventory in their own unique way.
61 minutes

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Uncovering Inner Demons in the Character Defects Podcast: A Recap of Bizarro 4th Step Workshop

If you don't do the work Every Single Day when you really need the help, you're not going to be ready for it.
In the Character Defects podcast, John and Jon H share their unique insights and experiences with addiction and recovery. In episode 6, titled 'Bizarro 4th Step Workshop', the duo takes on the challenge of completing a 4th step inventory in their own unconventional way. John tries to help Jon H with his inventory, but ends up taking it over and unearthing some of his own inner demons in the process. Despite the heavy subject matter, the hosts inject plenty of humor and sarcasm into the conversation, making for an engaging and entertaining listen.
Throughout the episode, John and Jon H discuss the challenges of staying sober and the importance of doing the work Every Single Day. They also touch on the difference between addiction to drugs and alcohol, and the power of community in addiction recovery. One standout quote from the episode is: 'If you don't do the work Every Single Day when you really need the help, you're not going to be ready for it.'
Overall, the Bizarro 4th Step Workshop episode of the Character Defects podcast provides a thought-provoking and raw look into addiction and recovery. Listeners will come away with a better understanding of the challenges that come with staying sober, as well as the importance of humor and community in the recovery process. So, tune in to the Character Defects podcast and join John and Jon H on their journey to uncovering inner demons and finding a path to recovery.