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  • #67 Reddit Story: Parents of live-in adult children struggling with addiction - how do you cope?

#67 Reddit Story: Parents of live-in adult children struggling with addiction - how do you cope?

Thursday 21st September 2023

Jennifer Maneely shares insights on coping with an addicted adult child at home, focusing on boundaries and accountability in 'The Unbreakable Boundaries Podcast'.
30 minutes

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Reddit Realities: Parents Coping with Adult Children’s Addiction

Episode Overview

  • Setting boundaries is crucial in managing a loved one's addiction
  • Avoiding enabling behaviour and holding loved ones accountable are vital
  • Parents may confront feelings of guilt and shame, but it's essential to let their loved ones face consequences
  • Consider alternative housing options to instil a sense of urgency for recovery
  • Share the podcast to offer valuable insights for others silently struggling with addiction
It's the uncomfortable, desperate, the hard knocks that make them start becoming willing to do the things that they need to do. There is always hope, even in the most hopeless situations.
Imagine your adult child struggling with addiction while living under your roof. How do you cope? In this eye-opening episode of 'The Unbreakable Boundaries Podcast', Jennifer Maneely dives into a Reddit story about parents facing this exact dilemma. Jennifer, drawing from her own recovery journey and experience with codependency, sheds light on the delicate balance between love and enabling behavior.
She stresses the importance of setting firm boundaries and discusses why having an addicted loved one live at home might not be the best solution. Jennifer doesn't shy away from the tough emotions involved. She talks about the guilt and shame parents often feel and the necessity of allowing their children to face the consequences of their actions.
By sharing her personal insights and practical advice, she aims to empower parents to make decisions that support both their well-being and their child's path to recovery. Jennifer also touches on alternative housing options and the importance of creating a sense of urgency for the addicted individual to take responsibility for their life. She promises more engaging discussions from popular Reddit threads in future episodes, making this a must-listen for anyone dealing with similar struggles.
This episode offers a blend of empathy, real-world advice, and hope for those navigating the challenging waters of addiction within the family.