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  • #703 Raised In Foster Care - Bruce W Brackett

#703 Raised In Foster Care - Bruce W Brackett

Friday 5th July 2024

Bruce W. Brackett shares his journey from foster care to finding love, overcoming addiction, and healing on the Mental Illness Happy Hour.
100 minutes

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From Foster Care to Finding Love: Bruce W. Brackett's Journey

Episode Overview

  • Bruce shares his early childhood pain and experiences in foster care.
  • He discusses his struggles with addiction and the road to recovery.
  • Bruce highlights the love and support he found in his foster parents.
  • His journey through theatre helped him find acceptance and joy.
  • Bruce talks about his book 'How To Breathe While Suffocating'.
I spent so much of my life lying and hating myself that now in this wellness journey and in recovery, I can't afford to do that anymore
Bruce W. Brackett joins Paul Gilmartin on the Mental Illness Happy Hour to share his incredible journey from a traumatic childhood in foster care to finding love and acceptance. Bruce, an author and artist, opens up about the pain of being separated from his mother, the struggles with addiction, and the surprising warmth he found in his foster parents.
His story doesn't shy away from the harsh realities of his past but also highlights the moments of joy and resilience that helped him survive and thrive. Bruce talks about his book, 'How To Breathe While Suffocating', which delves into overcoming addiction, recovering from trauma, and healing his soul. His experiences as a theatre kid, dealing with body dysmorphia, and navigating his identity are candidly discussed, making for an emotionally rich episode.
You'll hear about the bullying he faced, the support he found in theatre, and how he learned to lead with love despite the odds. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking for an honest, raw account of overcoming life's toughest challenges.