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  • 74. Am I addicted to sugar?

74. Am I addicted to sugar?

Tuesday 9th July 2024

Explore sugar addiction in recovery with Tommy Rosen. Learn how to balance your relationship with food through empathy and practical advice.
25 minutes

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Breaking Free from Sugar: A Journey in Recovery

Episode Overview

  • Addressing sugar addiction as part of overall recovery.
  • Understanding emotional and psychological ties to food.
  • Practical steps for mindful eating and detoxing.
  • The importance of community support in recovery.
  • Balancing physical, emotional, and spiritual health.
I want everybody in this circle to understand this is a shame-free zone.
Tommy Rosen, the internationally renowned yoga teacher and addiction recovery expert, hosts another thought-provoking episode of 'In The Circle'. This time, he tackles the often overlooked but crucial topic of sugar addiction. Nicole, a guest on the show, brings a heartfelt inquiry about her struggle with sugar cravings after years of sobriety from alcohol. Her question, 'Am I addicted to sugar?' opens up a deep conversation about how food, particularly sugar, plays a role in recovery and overall well-being.
Tommy shares his own experiences with food and sugar, offering relatable anecdotes that highlight the emotional and psychological ties we have with what we eat. Nicole's journey is a familiar one for many in recovery. She speaks candidly about using sweets as both a reward and a punishment, and her desire to break free from this cycle. Tommy responds with empathy and wisdom, suggesting practical steps like mindful eating and detoxing to reset the body's cravings.
He also emphasises the importance of understanding the emotional roots of these cravings and encourages a shame-free approach to exploring one's relationship with food. The episode is filled with useful advice, from the significance of community support to the benefits of seasonal cleanses. Tommy's holistic approach combines physical, emotional, and spiritual strategies to help listeners find balance and freedom in their relationship with food.
His story about his grandmother's spaghetti and meatballs adds a personal touch that many will find comforting and relatable. If you're curious about how sugar might be affecting your recovery journey or simply want to understand more about the connection between food and addiction, this episode is a must-listen. Tommy's compassionate and non-judgmental approach makes it easy to reflect on your own habits and consider new ways to achieve a healthier, more balanced life.